Ethics CE: January 17, 2023, 2-4 pm (ET)

Ethics CE: January 17, 2023, 2-4 pm (ET)
Price: $55.00

CFP Board Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

Brett offers a teleconference, CFP Board Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, that fulfills the CFP Board’s 2 Hour Ethics CE requirement for maintaining your CFP® Certification.

  • The next teleconference is scheduled for Tuesday, January 17, 2023, 2-4 pm (ET)*
  • Course Price $55 - even more affordable for Video Insights subscribers- $35 (learn more here)

To make it even easier, we take care of the paperwork for you by submitting credit hours directly to the CFP Board.  All you need to do is complete the survey right after the teleconference.

Ethics Presentation: Hosted by Brett Danko

Webex Link
Meeting number: 2633 159 8376
Password: ppWWRUs7U37

Join by phone

+1-650-479-3208 United States Toll

Access code: 263 315 98376

The "How to Call In" information will be emailed the day before the call (January 16) and again on the day of the call (January 17) as a reminder.

Please Note: If you are able to access the screen-share you can follow along on screen. However, if the screen-share is blocked, you will need to follow along with a PowerPoint presentation or on a printable handout that will be provided with the "How to Call In" information.

Please call in fifteen minutes prior to the scheduled start time so we can begin promptly.

*Registration for this CE Course will close at Noon Eastern Time on January 17th.  There is no Late Registration!

Please note – since this is a live teleconference, you must participate at the specified date and time.

Please contact with any questions.