Audio/Video Insights from Brett Danko

Audio/Video Insights is a subscription service in which you receive audio and video updates from Brett two or three times a month.  In every session, Brett talks about a specific financial planning topic in direct and understandable language, using real-world examples that explain who the topic applies to and how you can use the information with your existing clients and prospects.  Topics like new regulations and laws, trends within the CFP® profession, current events, and suggested topics from fellow Audio Insights subscribers.

$19.95 per month – The 10-15 minute recordings are delivered 2-3 times a month via email. Recordings (and supplemental information) may be downloaded for unlimited use and are formatted to be accessed via smart phone, computer, and most other electronic devices.  Membership may be canceled at any time.

As an added bonus, Audio/Video Insights subscribers get discounts on Brett’s Continuing Education classes so you can easily, conveniently, and affordably, keep your certification up-to-date. If you liked Brett’s classes, you are sure to find his CE beneficial.