I sent this to my subscribers yesterday, but think it's important enough to share more broadly even though it may only apply to a few of you.  Deadline to enroll is February 18.

As we all know, the new tax laws were passed by Congress the last week of December, which means a lot of changes are in store for 2018

What is Bitcoin?

Many advisors and especially clients have been asking me about Bitcoin given its meteoric rise in 2017 and asking whether they should “buy-in”.    

I was going to do a phone call on it, however after much research I realized I still don’t fully understand how bitcoin works and how it can fit into mainstream society!  Therefore, I figured it is better to share an article by investment manager Vitaliy Katsenelson as I believe he does a nice job  describing it as well as expressing my opinion on bitcoin.

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving and is getting ready for the holidays.

I wanted to share one of my end of the year goals with you. I’ve been wanting to try recording video messages but, if you know me, I am not the most technologically advanced person in the world and have been avoiding it. With the new year looming, I finally did it.  Below is a link to my first Video Insights.


Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope you are able to enjoy a long weekend and spend time with friends and family.

If you have some down-time between the food and football (or just need an excuse to get away from that annoying cousin), here are some Wall Street Journal articles that I’ve been meaning to share.

CFP Ethics CE

Thank you to all that took my CFP Ethics CE yesterday. We had quite a turnout - almost 300 participants!

The next CE is scheduled for Tuesday, January 23, 2018, 2-4pm. Follow the link below for more information.

CFP® Board Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

Hope to "see" you there!


This may NOT apply to many of you that work for larger firms.  However, for those at smaller firms, this could be a valuable opportunity.

No matter where you work, you want to make sure there is adequate disability coverage for you and your clients.  My experience is most of my students have NO idea how much disability coverage they have. Not good.

People have been asking me about the Equifax data breach in which the personal information of 140+ million was stolen.

So, what does it mean for YOUR clients???  

I have partnered with Stockton University to offer a Fast Track CFP® Certification Professional Education Program. Classes begin in August in Mt. Holly, NJ and will complete in time for the March 2018 CFP® Exam.  The program consists of seven courses and classes normally meet for one four-day period per month for seven months. Upon completion of the educational courses, students are eligible to take the CFP Board Examination in March 2018.

I wanted to share the schedule for the CFP Certification Prossional Education Program that I'm teaching for Stockton University in Mt. Holly, NJ.  Of course, individuals looking to earn their CFP® certification must successfully complete a CFP Board-approved educational program like the one given by Stockton University.